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Rob Russel: Most Outstanding Oarswoman Amanda Rocha Tracey Atkinson & Kim Denton Kim Denton Robyn Phillips  
David Stear: Most Outstanding Oarsman Jason Taylor Jason Taylor Jason Taylor Benji Ekron  
Nick Jones: Most Outstanding Coxswain (2012 Onwards)     Keagan Appel Matthew MacPhail  
Jeans Barclay: Most Outstanding Female Indoor Rower (2013 Onwards)       Robyn Phillips  
Wade Murison: Most Outstanding Male Indoor Rower (2013 Onwards)       Blake Atherton  
Chris Stylianou: Most Improved Crew of the Year Men's A VIII Womens's A VIII Mens A VIII &   Mens A 2x -  
Greg Milne: Most Improved Oarsperson of the Year Kim Denton Andrew Dunn Andrew Halvey & Leani Horne Mteteleli Biko  
Alistair Logie: Award for Most Valuable Contribution to the Club Michael Perry Wade Murison Philip Straton & Jeans Barclay Dylan Rishworth & Wade Murison  
Stuart Cowen: Crab of the Year - Dominique Coelho Siya Tsipa Nasreen Adam  
Mike Clarke: Honorary Life Membership Award David Pearton - Geoffery Jones Wade Murison  



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