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The vision of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Rowing Club is a broad expression of our desired final destination. We believe that the vision of the club should be closely linked to that of the university itself. Our vision is therefore:

“To become a university Rowing Club that is respected and admired. The Club will portray great leadership and dedication. Our Club will be a fine role model for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. We shall promote athletic excellence by climbing to the top of the ladder in the sport of rowing. We shall be remembered for our undying commitment to the development of previously disadvantaged communities and achieve this through hard work.”

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Rowing Club expresses the fundamental reason for its existence:

The Rowing Club competes on numerous levels: local, national, and university level (USSA-R). Our target groups are youthful athletes who are looking for a challenging and exciting sport, where they can gain life experience and skills at the same time as competing in a highly enjoyable sport.

The Rowing Club offers each member an opportunity to become part of a close-knit group. The Rowing Club has always been high spirited and supportive of each other. This provides each member with learning experiences which are so important in life and which cannot be learnt from a lecturer in a classroom. These experiences include: making friends, working as a team, helping to organize functions, communication skills and most of all, leadership.

The Rowing Club wishes to launch an active campaign of encouraging and developing the previously disadvantaged through transformation. Our main mission is to be seen as South Africa’s most dedicated university with regards to introducing and training previously disadvantaged youths in the sport of rowing.

Our Club should be seen for its dedication and commitment to the sport of rowing by excelling in all aspects, from winning races to building life-long friendships and uplifting the community through rowing.

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